Research of He Systems of Paint-and-lacquer Coatings for Anticorrosive Protection of Steel Pile Foundations in Permanently Frozen Soils of Thule

Issue 3(77) 2015
Pages 37-45

А.А. Sаdоvnikоv, 

A.P. Lar’коv

ООО «Коrtex», Novomoskovsk

Keywords: pile foundations, permanently frozen soils, anticorrosive protection. «Cortecor 867» coating, studies, effectivity

The results are presented of comparative corrosion and electrochemical studies of «Cortecor 867» polyurethane coating and vinyl coatings systems recommended by SNIP 2.03.11-85 in salinized frozen and thawed, frozen, greatly salined grounds, salt aqueous solutions simulative cryoprotection. It was established that «Cortecor 867» coating possesses the high protective properties in relation to 09Г2С steel in all the aggressive above mentioned media.
Long-term tests showed that physical and chemical properties of «Cortecor 867» was not changed in the course of tests, adhesion of coatings is preserved source-level. The systems of coatings based on vinyl film-forming materials showed not-high protective properties, low adhesion and significant loss of physical and technical properties on tests in above mentioned media.
According to the results of tests the recommendations were given on anticorrosive protection of steel pile foundations on exploitation in soils of Thule.