Issue 4(78) 2015

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Рipeline Internal Corrosion Monitoring at Salym Petroleum Development
Pages 8-30

A.B. Kichenko

Salym Petroleum Development N.V., Tyumen

Pitting Corrosion of Carbon Steel in Sodium Chloride Solutions with H2S
Pages 34-44

O.N. Bystrova, A.M. Saifutdinov

Kazan National Research Technological University, Kazan

Development of Views on the Mechanism of Nucleation and Development of Corrosion Pits on Mild Steels on a Basis of Results of Investigations Using Methods of Electroreflection Spectroscopy both Tunnel Microscopy and Spectroscopy
Pages 45-50

A.N. Podobayev1, I.I. Reformatskaya1, A.E. Afonkin2, A.G. Konstantinov1

1Moscow state university of mechanical engineering (MAMI)
2Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry

Concepts, Criterion and Parameters of Internal Complex Electrochemical Protection Against Corrosion and Bioorganisms of Constructions and the Equipment in Liquid Environments
Pages 51-58

V.F. Sinko1, H.A. Shukalovskaya2, A.V. Sinko3

1Russian scientific and engineering center “Roselektrokhimkomplekszashchita” - RNITs
ROSZAShchITA, Kolomna,
2Moscow State Regional Social and Humanitarian Institute (MSRSHI), Kolomna,
3FGBOU VPO Moskovsky state construction university (FGBOU VPO MGS)

The Сhemical Nature of Adhesion of Asmol to Steel and Corrosion Prevention
Pages 59-67

N.M. Cherkasov, I.F. Gladkikh, Iu.V. Danilenko

LLC SRC «Poisk», Ufa