Inhibition of Corrosion of Mild Steel and of Its Hydrogen Absorption in Water- Salt Medium in the Presence of H2S by Organic Compounds with Biocide Activity, and Comparison of Experimental Data with Quantum-Chemical Calculations

Issue 4(78) 2015
Pages 31-33

V.А. Zelentsova1, S.M. Beloglazov1, G.S. Beloglazov2

1Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University , Kaliningrad,
2Dodoma University (UDOM). Tanzania, Dodoma

Keywords: organic corrosion inhibitors, mild steel, sulfate-reducing bacteria, biocide activity, quantum-chemical parameters, energy HOMO and LUMO, dipole moment

Experimental data on the effectiveness of the substances studied as corrosion inhibitors and also as inhibitors of hydrogen absorption by mild steel in Postgate B water-salt medium in the presence of sulfate-reducing bacteria have been compared to theoretical results of computation of certain quantum-chemical parameters of isolated (single) structures of organic compounds (OС). All tested OCs more or less showed the inhibitory effect on both corrosion of the steel studied and on hydrogen absorption. The OC efficiencies were found to depend on the composition and structure of those synthesized compounds.