Concepts, Criterion and Parameters of Internal Complex Electrochemical Protection Against Corrosion and Bioorganisms of Constructions and the Equipment in Liquid Environments

Issue 4(78) 2015
Pages 51-58

V.F. Sinko1, H.A. Shukalovskaya2, A.V. Sinko3

1Russian scientific and engineering center “Roselektrokhimkomplekszashchita” - RNITs
ROSZAShchITA, Kolomna,
2Moscow State Regional Social and Humanitarian Institute (MSRSHI), Kolomna,
3FGBOU VPO Moskovsky state construction university (FGBOU VPO MGS)

Keywords: сoncepts, criterion, parameters, internal complex electrochemical protection, corrosion, bioorganisms, microorganisms, zooplanktons, obrastatel, liquid environments, water, constructions, equipment, protective potential, current density, protection zone, maximum permissible concentrations

The concepts are stated of internal complex electrochemical protection against corrosion and bioorganisms developed by us (microorganisms, zooplankton and obrastatel) of constructions and the equipment in water and also 10 groups of criteria and parameters are for the first time given: constructive, hydraulic, mechanical, electrochemical, physical, chemical, technological, biological, ecological and economic, allowing to give an objective assessment to overall performance of installations of internal complex electrochemical protection against corrosion and bioorganisms.