The Сhemical Nature of Adhesion of Asmol to Steel and Corrosion Prevention

Issue 4(78) 2015
Pages 59-67

N.M. Cherkasov, I.F. Gladkikh, Iu.V. Danilenko

LLC SRC «Poisk», Ufa

Keywords: corrosion protection, Asmol, conversion of rust, corrosion inhibitors

The reliability of the pipeline is largely predetermined by the quality of insulation materials.
Developed by LLC «SКC «Search» insulating materials, based on Asmol have a completely different principle of protection of metal from corrosion, carried out at the molecular level. As a result of interaction Asmol with the surface of the metal is converted rust, as well as the chemisorptions interaction of components Asmol with the formation of corrosion inhibitors. This approach provides a strong adhesive bond of the coating to the metal, increases the corrosion resistance of metal and corrosion protection.