Issue 1(79) 2016

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Investigation of Dissolution of Slightly Soluble Anodic Ground Lead Material
Pages 6-11

K.A. Shapowalo1, N.A. Polyakov2, N.M. Katolikova3

1D.I. Mendeleev Russian Chemical Technological University, Moscow
2OOO «CARTEC», Moscow
3ZAO «Chemservis», Novomoskovsk

Electrochemical Study of Protective Properties of Titanium Oxide Coatings on Stainless Steel
Pages 12-25

B.A. Rychkov, N.G. Anufriev, R.K. Zalavutdinov

A.N. Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of RAS, Moscow

Universal Inhibitors of Hydrosulfide and Carbon Dioxide Steel Corrosion of «INCORGAS» Line for Oil Production. Theoretical Aspects, Practice of Application, New Approach to an Estimation of Efficiency
Pages 26-42

V.I. Vigdorovich1, L.E. Tsygankova2, N.V. Shel4, M.N. Esina2, L.G. Knyazeva1, A.V. Boldyrev3, Yu. A. Chirkov3

1GNY «All-Russian Research Institute of Use of Engineering and Mineral Oil», Tambov
2VPO G.R. Derzhavin Tambov State University
4VPO Tambov State Technical University

Composition Inhibiting Compounds of Imidazolines and Amine Complexes of Oleic Acid Sulfo Derivatives
Pages 43-46

N.Sh. Rzayeva, V.M. Abbasov, N.I. Mursalov, L.I. Alieva, A.G. Talibov, I.T. Ismailov, A.A. Guliyev, N.S. Ahmedov

Y.H. Mammadaliyev Institute of Petrochemical Processes of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Baku

Research of Characteristics of the Source of Stray Current Affecting the System of Main Gas Pipelines
Pages 55-62

A.A. Zubkov1, S.V. Adamenko2, Y.V. Aleksandrov1, R.V. Aginey3

1СJSC «Stroygazmontaj», Moscow
2СJSC «Gazprom transgaz Ykhta»,
3JSC «Giprogazcentr», Nizhny Novgorod

Environmental Aspects of Industrial Waters of Galvanic Production
Pages 63-71

N.F. Tarchigina1, E.E. Murav’eva2

1Moscow State University of Machine Building (UMech),
2S.A. Zverev Krasnogorsk Mechanical Plant