Investigation of Dissolution of Slightly Soluble Anodic Ground Lead Material

Issue 1(79) 2016
Pages 6-11

K.A. Shapowalo1, N.A. Polyakov2, N.M. Katolikova3

1D.I. Mendeleev Russian Chemical Technological University, Moscow
2OOO «CARTEC», Moscow
3ZAO «Chemservis», Novomoskovsk

Keywords: anodic ground lead, cathodic protection, metal oxide coating

Dissolution rates of metal oxide material of anodic ground lead of ZAO «Chimservis» were studied at current loadings exceeding ratings in terms of boundary conditions of their application as slightly soluble anodic ground leads. It was established that the values of anodic dissolution rates, in whole, correspond to the requirements of normative documents. Their excess in initial period of anodic polarization is connected with dissolution of remainders of binding substance using at application of coating at titanium basis and removal of other contaminants with surface electrode.