Composition Inhibiting Compounds of Imidazolines and Amine Complexes of Oleic Acid Sulfo Derivatives

Issue 1(79) 2016
Pages 43-46

N.Sh. Rzayeva, V.M. Abbasov, N.I. Mursalov, L.I. Alieva, A.G. Talibov, I.T. Ismailov, A.A. Guliyev, N.S. Ahmedov

Y.H. Mammadaliyev Institute of Petrochemical Processes of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Baku

Keywords: imidazoline, amine complex, corrosion inhibitor, hydrosulfide corrosion, polyethylene polyamine, oleic acid

Mixture of imidazoline was synthesized from a mixture of corn oil acids and polyethylene polyamine in a molar ratio 2:1. Propyl-, butyl-, pentyl-, hexyl-, heptyl-, octyl- amine complexes of sulfated oleic acid were prepared. The mixtures were prepared from 20% solution of imidazoline and amine complexes at a weight ratio of 1:1. The obtained compositions were tested as corrosion inhibitors of H2S corrosion in a biphasic medium of kerosene-water (in a ratio of 1: 9) containing 3% NaCl and 500 mg/l H2S.