Research of Characteristics of the Source of Stray Current Affecting the System of Main Gas Pipelines

Issue 1(79) 2016
Pages 55-62

A.A. Zubkov1, S.V. Adamenko2, Y.V. Aleksandrov1, R.V. Aginey3

1СJSC «Stroygazmontaj», Moscow
2СJSC «Gazprom transgaz Ykhta»,
3JSC «Giprogazcentr», Nizhny Novgorod

Keywords: main gas pipelines, cathodic protection, potential difference of «pipe-to-earth», stray currents, geomagnetic field, influence

The change in the magnetic field of the earth as a result of electromagnetic induction can influence significantly on the change in the value of the protective potential difference «pipe-to-earth». The theoretical justification for the classification of the sources of stray current on its type was represented and their criteria were determined for inclusion in its geomagnetic type. Studies on a real gas pipeline were produced which resulted in the determination of unity source of stray currents. A high degree of correlation was revealed between the current density in the pipeline and the speed of its measurement in time confirming the electromagnetic nature of its appearance. Spectral analysis of the electric signal in the pipeline showed that oscillations corresponding to geomagnetic pulsations on their frequency have the largest amplitude.