Investigations of the Chemical Resistance and Diffusion Characteristics of Polymer Materials and Coatings of the Flow Part of Hydraulic Machines Exposed to Water

Issue 2(80) 2016
Pages 6-10

A.A. Shevchenko1, I.I. Reformatskaya2, A.A. Vodaevitch1

1Moscow state university of mechanical engineering (MAMI)
2State Fire Academy of Emercom of Russia, Moscow

Keywords: protective coating, epoxy, diffusion, corrosion, water

Service life of a polymeric composition (a type covering «sandwich») in contact with water is estimated at temperature 20…60 °С. The estimation was made on the basis of definition of diffusion characteristics of water into a polymeric composition (a type covering «sandwich»). The diffusion characteristics of a water into a covering and its components are analyzed. The period of accident-free work (without corrosion) of a epoxy covering under condition ofcontinuous contact with water at temperature 20…60 °С is 6…12 years.