Research of the Corrosion State of Technological Pipelines of Oil Pumping Stations

Issue 2(80) 2016
Pages 22-24

T.K. Aldyyarov1, A.G. Didukh1, A.N. Nefedov1, R.V. Dolgikh1, N.A. Ivashov1, Ye.N. Baybatyrov1, A.A. Kultumiev2

1Branch JSC KazTransOilRDC, Almaty, RK
2Western office of JSC KazTransOil, Aktau, RK

Keywords: insulating covers, corrosion activity of soil, defects of an insulating cover, «a pipe – the remote earth» potential, technological pipelines

Results of research of the corrosion state of the ОPS technological pipelines in the conditions of lack of electrochemical protection are given in article.