Effect of Protective Coatings to Improve the Resistance of Carbon Steels Against Corrosion Cracking

Issue 3(81) 2016
Pages 8-14

V.I. Vigdorovich1, A.P. Makarov2

1All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Use of Machinery and Oil Products, Tambov
2Central Research Institute of Corrosion and Certification, Moscow

Keywords: steel, hydrogen sulfide, cracking, protection, coating, appearance, constant stress, tensile, rate deformation

The protective effectiveness of a number of protective coatings on carbon steels, namely, pyrolytic carbon chrome plating, thermal diffusion chromeplating and galvanizing, chemical nickel chrome plating, at their corrosion in NACE environment saturated with hydrogen sulfide, under application of a constant tensile stress or a low rate deformation (3.6∙10–8 м/c) has been studied.
The coatings are differentiated according to the protective effectiveness. It is shown that the method of application of a deformation with low rate is more informative in this case than a permanent presence of tensile stress.