The Research of the Refrigerating System Copper Tubes Corrosion Failure

Issue 3(81) 2016
Pages 29-35

A.B. Laptev, D.A. Movenko

All-Russian scientific research institute of aviation materials, Moscow

Keywords: copper corrosion, water supply systems

The corrosion failed copper tube fragment was investigated. The local element chemical composition of the tube internal wall deposits was defined by X-ray (EDS) Microanalysis. The phase composition of deposits was defined by X-ray diffraction analysis. Chemical-analytical research of circulating water was held. Copper tube corrosion failure is caused by several factors, namely, deposits formation on the tube inner surface in water with a high content of hydro carbonates and high concentration of iron ions in circulating water, high rate of circulating water flow, the absence of corrosion protection of the evaporator steel parts.