Thermoplastic Materials for the Replacement of Magnesium and Aluminum Alloys in the Production of Aggregate Bodies of Perspective Aviation Engines

Issue 3(81) 2016
Pages 36-40

A.A. Shevchenko1, I.I. Reformatskaya2, M.M. Smirnov3

1Moscow state university of mechanical engineering (MAMI)
2State Fire Academy of Emercom of Russia, Moscow
3PLC «Kuznetsov», Samara

Keywords: light alloys, thermoplastics, aircraft engines

The use of thermoplastics instead of alloys based on aluminum and magnesium in the manufacture of gas turbine motors for aircrafts permits not only to reduce the number of defective parts and deviations from the specified parameters but also depletes the period of development and testing of new types of motor frame and decreases the financial cost of losses in their implementation. Improving the quality of thermoplastics is possible with their modification by nanoscale particles and fibers. The most promising thermoplastic is a Polyphenylene sulfide having self-extinguishing properties.