Influencing of Water Molecules Adsorption on Anodic Dissolution Rate of Nickel

Issue 3(81) 2016
Pages 52-54

A.N. Podobayev

Moscow state university of mechanical engineering (MAMI)

Keywords: adsorption, water, nickel, catalyst

During anodic dissolution of a nickel the adsorbed water acts in a role of catalyst of process. As the water is adsorbed on a surface of a nickel not instantaneously, in the first moments of a contact of metal with solution the nickel is solved without participation of molecules of water. Only after 1 ms, adsorbed molecules of water are appeared on a surface of metal and act as catalyst. From comparison of the obtained results with results of similar research of electrochemical behavior of iron it follows that the affinity of metal to water in case of nickel is less than in a case of iron.