Corrosion Resistance of Thermodiffusion Zinc Coatings in Media of Hot and Cold Water Supply

Issue 4(82) 2016
Pages 7-13

A.I. Biryukov1, D.A. Zaharievich2, R.G. Galin1, A.V. Putilova1

1Chelyabinsk State University
2«Vick Gal», Chelyabinsk

Keywords: corrosion, thermal diffusion zinc coatings, water supply, hydrocincite

The paper sets out results of the study of the corrosion resistance of zinc thermal diffusion coatings in the water of hot and cold water supply systems. It is shown that the thermal diffusion zinc coatings consisting of δ- and the ζ-phases have the best corrosion resistance. Corrosion coating product is basic zinc carbonate (hydrocincite), calcium carbonate depositions are also observed on the surface of coating. It is established that these corrosion products increase the corrosion resistance of the coatings.