Research of Current Corrosion Inhibitors Action in Acid Systems

Issue 4(82) 2016
Pages 22-30

M.A. Silin, L.A. Magadova, L.F. Davletshina, M.D. Pakhomov, Yu.M. Timerbulatova,
E.A. Samsonenko

Keywords: acid treatments, corrosion inhibitors, sulfamic acid, dry acids

The vast majority of corrosion inhibitors for acidizing solutions is made to protect steel in traditional hydrochloric acid (НСl). But alternative acid reagents are also used during petroleum production. Compositions based on sulfamic acid
(NH2SO3H) work well in practice. Due to this commercial corrosion inhibitors efficiency in these compositions was evaluated in the REC «Promyslovaya khimiya», Gubkin University. Solutions based on sulfamic acid are less corrosive than hydrochloric acid. But effective inhibitors in НСl sometimes can be inappropriate for NH2SO3H.