The Research of Influence of Working Parameters of Electrochemical Protection and Electric Properties of the Soil on the SCC Defects Formation

Issue 4(82) 2016
Pages 31-36

V.L. Onatsky1, Yu.V. Alexandrov2, V.N. Tolkacheva1, R.V. Aginey3, M.A. Smychjok3

1Ukhta State Technical University
2OJSC Stroygazmontazh, Moscow
3JSC Giprogaztsentr, Nizhny Novgorod

Keywords: the main gas pipeline, stress-corrosion cracking, electrolytic protection, in-pipe diagnostics, electric properties of soil

The research’s results of influence of electrochemical protection’s parameters and electric properties of the space around the pipe on the formation and distribution of stress corrosion cracking (SCC) defects on the main gas pipeline «Ukhta – Torzhok» are given in article. By the analysis’s results, the dependence of probability of SCC defects development on electroconductive properties of soil is defined, the interrelation between quantity and depth of the found SCC defects from distance to a point of a drainage of the nearest station of cathodic protection is found, and dependence of probability of appearance of SCC defects on metal polarization by means of an ECP is established, what is testified of the need to maintain potential of «pipe – earth» in the more strict range, than it is required by GOST.