Corrosion Protection of Oil Tanks

Issue 4(82) 2016
Pages 41-44

O.M. Kerimov, M.M. Kurbanov, R.E. Sadigov

Azerbaidzhan State University of Oil and Industry, Baku

Keywords: petroleum storage tanks, corrosion, polyester resin, glass-fiber, basalt fiber, reinforced material, concerned water, bacterium, mineralization

The article is devoted to one of the topical problems of corrosion protection of oil tanks. Analysis of fisheries data for the exploitation of the tanks shows that tank farm of Azerbaijani oil fields located on land and in sea needs new effective
corrosion activities. In connection with this, the new coatings based on polyester resin reinforced by glass and basalt fiber are recommended. When operating in difficult sea conditions such material as polyester does not become brittle and can withstand any operational mode. Impact resistance of this material is more than sufficient for its industrial applications. It has been proven that it maintains its properties for a long time, depending on temperature regime.