Determination of Inter Phase Distribution Index of Inhibitors Used for Anticorrosion Protection of Oil-field Equipment

Issue 2(84) 2017
Pages 6-11

N.S. Buldakova, N.V. Novikova, O.A. Ovechkina,  V.K. Miller

SJSC «INNC», Izhevsk

Keywords: corrosion damage of oil-field equipment, corrosion inhibitor, inter phase distribution index

Aggressivity of produced water at the Udmurtian fields causes the high corrosion damage of oil-field equipment which is protected by primarily by chemical methods using corrosion inhibitors. Taking into account the multiphase composition of produced fluid the emphasis gets study of the inhibitor distributions between water and hydrocarbon phases in order to select the most effective technology of inhibitor practices and as a consequence the improvement of inhibitor efficiency. This article gives the tests results of inter phase inhibitor distribution index for five types of inhibitors that are used by OJSC «Udmurtneft». The concentrations of the analysed reagents in water phase were determined by spectrophotometric method. It is shown the dependence of inter phase reagents distribution based on the certain factors such as chemical media, coefficient of phases and method of inhibitor proportioning. These findings can be used for process optimization both in laboratory test on inhibitors and in inhibitory protection technology at oil-field.