Complex Electrochemical Protection Against Corrosion and Microorganisms of Tubular Piles of Piers of Kerch Bridge

Issue 2(84) 2017
Pages 29-37

V.F. Sinko


Keywords: Komplekselektrokhi mzashchita, cathodic polarization, protective films, electrochemical properties, corrosion, corrosion rate, tubular piles, piers, bridge, silt, sea water, automatic multichannel stations of cathode protection, extended elastomers, magnetite anodes

In article the optimum scheme of complex electrochemical protection (komplekselektrokhimzashchita) is stated: «cathodic polarization plus electrochemical formation of protecting coatings in sea water and silt plus reduction of corrosion aggression of water and silt by the electrochemical way» of tubular piles of piers of Kerch bridge not only from corrosion, but also from microorganisms and biogrowth which activity is connected with steel corrosion.
Komplekselektrokhimzashchita will provide service life of Kerch bridge for long period, that is, so long, installations of a komplekselektrokhimzashchita will work how long.