Anodizing of a Number of Aluminium Alloys in a Presence of Ozone in Sulfuric Acid Medium under Ultrasonic Field

Issue 2(84) 2017
Pages 51-59

V.I. Vigdorovich, Tambov State Technical University, All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Use of Machinery and Oil Products in agriculture

N.F. Kolenchin, Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education «Industrial
University of Tyumen»

Keywords: aluminium alloys, oxide, anodizing, ultrasonic field, cavitation, ozonization, sulfuric acid electrolyte

The distribution of elemental composition and structure of the oxide layer during anodization of D16 and AD31 alloys in ozonized sulfuric acid electrolyte upon application of ultrasonic field has been studied by X-ray diffraction and Xray methods. Portion of γ-Al2O3 crystal phase in the oxide layer is estimated, the effect of ozonation and ultrasonic field on the oxide wear, its micro-hardness and pore formation is considered.