Control of Kinetics of Hydrogen Evolution Reaction on Iron

Issue 3(85) 2017
Pages 17-27

L.E. Tsygankova1,  V.I. Vigdorovich2,3 N.V. Shel3, T.P. D’yachkova3, O.V. Alyohina1,  E.Yu. Kopylova3, I.V. Zarapina3

1  Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin

2 All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Use of Machinery and Oil Products

3 Tambov State Technical University

Keywords: kinetics, discharge, hydrogen, iron, control, delayed stage, solvent

It is shown that the kinetics and nature of the delayed stage of the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) on iron, one of the determining regularities and peculiarities of corrosion with hydrogen depolarization in the systems С2Н4(ОН)2–Н2О–HCl and С2Н5ОН–Н2О–НCl, is determined by the composition of the mixed solvent and nature, and the concentration of a surfactant of an inorganic or organic nature. The change in the water content, nature and concentration of the surfactant makes it possible to change the character of the delayed stage of the HER in the direction: slow discharge → delayed chemical recombination → delayed lateral diffusion, and thereby control the HER kinetics by changing the composition of the solvent and the nature of the active additives introduced.