Protective Efficiency of the Amines Compositions as a Function of the Non-polar Aprotic Solvent Nature

Issue 3(85) 2017
Pages 27-33

H.D. Tanygina

Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin

Keywords: electrochemical corrosion, protective efficiency, non-polar aprotic solvent, aliphatic amines, emulsion

The influence of individual С6Н5СН3, н-С7Н16 or their fixed mixtures on the protective efficiency of the aliphatic amines compositions based on those nonpolar aprotic solvents in neutral chloride media has been investigated. It has been shown that often non-polar aprotic solvent nature determines the kinetic parameters of the electrochemical corrosion of steel covered by the protective composition films. Homologous mixture of RNH2 or long-chain amine show the maximal protective efficiency.