Study of Corrosion Behavior of Copper M1 in 0,1 M Isopropanol Solution of Hydrogen Chloride in the Conditions of External Polarization

Issue 3(85) 2017
Pages 33-38

G.G. Berdnikova

Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin

Keywords: electrochemical corrosion, electrode polarization, anomalous dissolution, the effective charge of the ions

The influence of the polarization (±0,05; ±0,10; ±0,15 V from the corrosion potential) on the mass loss of copper electrode in 0,1 M isopropanol solution of hydrogen chloride has been studied; the resulting dependence of corrosion losses of copper from the exposure time of the sample (2 to 6 hours, in some cases, about 0,5…6 hours) has been received; chemical analysis of the corrosive environment after exposure of samples on the content of copper (II) cations has been conducted.