Comparison of Methods Used to Assess the Porosity of Gas-thermal Spray Coatings

Issue 4(86) 2017
Pages 41-53

R.D. Bakaeva, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Moscow
L.Kh. Baldaev, Ltd «Technological Systems of Protective Coatings», Shcherbinka
D.Z. Ishmukhametov, Ltd «Technological Systems of Protective Coatings», Scherbinka
N.G. Anufriev, A.N. Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of RAS, Moscow
A.Y. Rashkovskiy, LLC «Systems for Microscopy and Analysis», Moscow, Skolkovo

Keywords: gas-thermal spray coatings, the porosity, the through porosity, methods of porosity evaluation

Porosity is one of the key indicators of the defects of the coatings determining the purpose of systems used, in particular, in corrosive environments of petro- and gas-chemical industry. As a rule, it is necessary to define the characteristics of porosity for the operational solutions at the development of a coating, or selection of the coating material for given conditions of operation of technological equipment.
Currently in the industry the increasing use of technology of thermal spraying, due to the wide possibilities of application methods (plasma spraying, and powder flame wire arc metallizing, high velocity gas flame spraying, etc.).
In this regard, providing the required protection of technological equipment by the coating will depend on its quality from the point of view of defects of the internal structure and the purposeful reduction of defects of coating material, from the effectiveness of the chosen methodology for assessing the porosity