Prevention of Scale Formation and Corrosion of Steam Condenser Heat Exchange Tubes by Polymer Coatings

Issue 2(88) 2018
Pages 07-15

V.A. Shchelkov,  A.N. Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of RAS (IPCE of RAS), Moscow, Russian Federation

A.B. Ilin, IPCE of RAS, Moscow, Russian Federation

S.A. Dobriyan, IPCE of RAS, Moscow, Russian Federation

V.B. Lukin, IPCE of RAS, Moscow, Russian Federation

V.A. Golovin, IPCE of RAS, Moscow, Russian Federation

Keywords: the steam condenser, scale, corrosion, heat exchanger tubes, anticorrosion coating, antiscale coating


Fundamental physics-chemical processes on the metal heat transfer surfaces determine the relationship between the processes of scale formation and corrosion. Application of polymer coatings on the inner surface of heat exchange tubes helps to reduce scale formation, reduce adhesion of deposits and prevent corrosion. Laboratory studies and a comprehensive survey

of the state of corrosion and scale formation have shown that the polymer coating ROCOR have proven themselves as an effective means of anti-corrosive protection and anti-scale action with the experience of industrial use of 12 years old.