The Development of the Process of Applying Cerium-containing Protective Coatings on Steel Base

Issue 2(88) 2018
Pages 45-51

A.A. Abrashov, Dmitry Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology (MUCTR), Moscow, Russian Federation

N.S. Grigoryan, MUCTR, Moscow, Russian Federation

D.V. Mazurova, MUCTR, Moscow, Russian Federation

T.A. Vagramyan, MUCTR, Moscow, Russian Federation

E.A. Shcherbina, MUCTR, Moscow, Russian Federation

Keywords: surface treatment, corrosion protection, cerium-containing coatings, conversion coatings, passivation of carbon steel


As a result of the work performed, a solution was developed for the deposition of cerium-containing coatings on a steel substrate that meets the requirements for adhesion layers under lacquer-paint coatings and anticorrosive conversion coatings.
It is established that the protective coating on carbon steel consists of iron oxide Fe2O3 and cerium oxides Ce2O3 and CeO2.
It is shown that the developed passivation coatings on steel for corrosion resistance and protective ability are comparable with phosphate coatings and can be their alternative replacement.