Waterborne Epoxy Materials for Protection of Construction Structures in Adverse Conditions Applications

Issue 2(88) 2018
Pages 57-63

A.B. Ilin, A.N. Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of RAS (IPCE of RAS), Moscow, Russian Federation

V.A. Shchelkov,  IPCE of RAS, Moscow, Russian Federation

V.A. Rabinkov, National Research Moscow State Building University, (NIU MGSU), Moscow,
Russian Federation

V.A. Golovin, IPCE of RAS, Moscow, Russian Federation

Keywords: corrosion protection, water-borne primer, water-borne enamel, epoxy materials, building structures, aggressive atmosphere



A new generation of environmentally friendly protective water-soluble epoxy coatings has a combination of significant advantages over traditional waterdispersion compositions. Long-term use in industrial conditions and extended climatic tests in the cold-temperate, sea and tropical climate have shown that water-soluble epoxy primer and enamel resistant to freezing at minus 40 °C, do not contain in its composition of volatile compounds with a pungent chemical odor, can withstand exposure to seasonal temperature fluctuations, ultraviolet radiation, and preserve the decorative properties within the acceptable color range.