Kinetics of the Cathodic Reduction of Iron Ionization Products in Neutral Solutions

Issue 3(89) 2018
Pages 51-56

V.N. Statsyuk, D.V. Sokolsky Institute of Fuel, Catalysis and Electrochemistry (D.V. Sokolsky
IFCE), Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

L.A. Fogel, D.V. Sokolsky IFCE, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

S. Ait, D.V. Sokolsky IFCE, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

M.Z. Zhurinov, D.V. Sokolsky IFCE, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

A.A Kalinkina, Dmitry Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology (MUCTR), Moscow, Russian Federation

T.A. Vagramyan, MUCTR, Moscow, Russian Federation

A.A. Abrashov, MUCTR, Moscow, Russian Federation

Keywords: anodic dissolution, cyclic voltammetry, currentvoltage curves, cathodic maximum, initial potential, potential sweep rate 


Kinetics of cathodic reduction of iron ionization products in neutral solutions (pH = 5,9) by the method of cyclic voltammetry was investigated. The maximum current due to the electroreduction of the products of anodic dissolution of iron in solutions was observed on cathodic polarization curves with the potential sweep rate more than 10 mV/s. Electrolyte composition including the heterocyclic amine of 2,2/-dipyridyl and potential sweep rate influence
on the basis of current and cathode maximum potential was investigated. The supposition about the adsorbed ferrous (II) hydroxide effect on the сathodic reduction process of iron ionization products in the investigated electrolytes was made.