Issue 24(1) 2019

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Paste for cleaning of rust prior to application of inorganic composite coating on a steel designs without dismantling
Pages 6-14

S.A. Demin, S.S. Vinogradov, A.I. Vdovin

Federal State Unitary Enterprise «All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials»

Receiving of polyaniline for water-based anticorrosion compositions
Pages 15-28

T.R. Vakhitov, S.R. Salikhova, S.N. Stepin

Kazan National Research Technological University


Study of protective properties of universal corrosion inhibitor for oil and gas industry
Pages 29-48

G.R. Gurbanov, M.B. Adigezalova, S.M. Mammadli

Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University

А fuel index usage for evaluating the fitness of new types of granulated biofuels biofuels
Pages 49-55

R.L. Isemin1, D.V. Klimov2, A.V. Michalev2, O.Yu. Milovanov1, V.S. Kogh-Tatarenko1

1Tambov State Technical University
2Clean Energy Ltd

Zero-waste regeneration of zinc passivating solutions by electromembrane process
Pages 56-63

S.S. Kruglikov1, N.E. Nekrasova1, V.V. Kuznetsov1, E.A. Filatova1, A.V. Telezhkina1, N.G. Novikova2

1Dmitry Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology, Moscow
2Research Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow