Paste for cleaning of rust prior to application of inorganic composite coating on a steel designs without dismantling

Issue 24(1) 2019
Pages 6-14

S.A. Demin, S.S. Vinogradov, A.I. Vdovin

Federal State Unitary Enterprise «All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials»

Keywords: rust removal paste, inorganic composite coating, sacrificial protection, protective power, corrosion tests

The developed paste unlike widely known сompositions for removal of corrosion products allows to remove without dismantle of construction rust from steel surface without precipitation on it the oxide or salt films increasing electrical resistance of steel surface. Into composition of paste enter: mix of sulfuric and hydrochloric acids for dissolution of corrosion products of steel without suffocating smell, urotropin for prevention overpickling of steel basе and its hydrogen saturation, aerosil for exception of running off of paste from vertical surfaces, OS-20 for improvement of wettability of processed surface, trilon B for increase of efficiency of etching action. Electrical resistance of steel surface after its processing by paste slightly exceeds the rate of electrical resistance after sandblast cleaning of sample that testifies to complete removal of corrosion products and absence of oxide or salt films on steel surface.The inorganic composition coating put on steel surface prepared by means of paste, electrochemically protects steel products from atmospheric corrosion with a high protective capacity (more than 5000 h exposure in the salt fog chamber). The inorganic composition coating on the base of inorganic aluminum-chromium-phosphate binder and aluminum powder is recommended for application in all climatic conditions, in contact with different mineral oils and at raised (to 500 ºС) temperatures.