Investigation of the influence of protecting grounding parameters of electric installations on the extent of screening of pipeline cathodic protection current

Issue 24(2) 2019
Pages 6-15

E.V. Isupova1, R.V. Aginey2, R.N. Celischev3, D.S. Savchenko4

1Ukhta State Technical University, Russian Federation, Komi, Ukhta

2Giprogazcentr, JSC, Russian Federation, Nizhny Novgorod
3Gazprom transgaz Ukhta, Ltd, Russian Federation, Komi, Ukhta
4Transneft North, JSC, Russian Federation, Komi, Ukhta

Keywords: protective groundings of electric installations, coefficient of cathodic protection current screening, the efficiency of electrochemical protection

The article presents the results of an experimental study of the effect which protective groundings have on the parameters of electrochemical protection of pipelines. On the basis of the obtained results, the assessment of the change in the potential of the «pipe – to-earth» potential has been made. Besides there are given results of calculating the screening coefficient of the cathodic protection current in the presence of contact of the pipelines with protective groundings of electric installations made of various materials. The results of the study can be used in the development and implementation of protective measures aimed at reducing the negative impact of protective devices on the functioning of the cathodic protection system, as well as justifying the choice of the type of protective groundings and their placement on the territory of industrial sites.