Extended elastomeric anodic grounding conductors. Modern reality (part 1)

Issue 24(2) 2019
Pages 16-29

V.E. Kopytin

ZAO «Electrochimzaschita», RF, Tula

Keywords: extended elastomeric anodic grounding conductors (EAGC); lengthwise electrical resistance of current lead of grounding conductor; transitional electrical resistance of elastomeric shell of grounding conductor; constant of current expansion of EAGC; linear electrode with distributed electrical parameters; resistance to current spreading with anodic grounding conductor; length of protection zone

The principle of choice of the main classification electric parameters of extended elastomeric anodic grounding conductors (EAGC) was proposed and also criteria and methods of their estimation based on the identity of these parameters to parameters of linear pipe-line. On the basis of this basic position, the possible method of practical engineering design of parameters of cathodic protection with application of EAGC for linear parts of pipe-lines is considered.
The normative documents on application and location of extended elastomeric grounding conductors can be structured on scheme of location of grounding conductors in corrosion medium towards object of protection and on design performance. The electric parameters of grounding conductors ensuring their function of current transfer in corrosion environment are considered. The principles of choice of materials for production of extended grounding conductors, the peculiarities of application in construction of “activators” for decrease of resistance to current spreading with anode to earth and maintenance of drainage for gaseous products of electrochemical reaction are described. The peculiarities of interaction of extended anodic grounding conductors with linear pipe-line in the systems of electrochemical protection of pipe-line against corrosion were studied.