Extended elastomeric anodic grounding conductors. Modern reality (part 2)

Issue 24(3) 2019
Pages 7-13

V.E. Kopytin, ZAO «Electrochimzaschita», Tula, Russian Federation

Keywords: linear electrode with distributed electric parameters, extended elastomeric anode earthing switches (SLOT), longitudinal electrical resistance of the GROOVE, the transitional electric resistance of the GROOVE, the spreading resistance of the current slot, propagation constant of the current slot, the length of the zone of protection



The general algorithm of calculation of parameters of cathodic protection in the application of the long elastomeric anode earthing devices on the linear parts of pipelines. The algorithm is based on the choice of the base option of extended earthing, namely, constant of distribution of current based on the required length of the protection zone of the object. The main mathematical dependences used in the calculation algorithm are given.

The main characteristics (electrical parameters) of extended anode earthing devices are given. The general procedure for calculating the parameters of extended anode earthing devices includes the calculation of the electrical characteristics of the protected structure and the determination of the technical characteristics of the extended anode earthing devices required to achieve the design values of the protective current of the pipeline, the length of the protection zone and the specified service life.