New technologies and equipment for waste processing of galvanizing steel by immersion in a melt

Issue 24(3) 2019
Pages 32-38

V. I. Gel’, Yaroslav the Wise Novgorod State University, Velikiy Novgorod, Russian Federation

Keywords: wastage from drawing coverings in the way of dipping in liquid zinc, hard zinc, dross furnaces, technology of processing of a wastage


New technologies and the equipment for processing of waste of galvanizing by immersion in fusion. In article the review of methods of processing of a wastage of zinc plating is provided by immersion in a melt of zinc, the furnaces and devices for processing of hard zinc and an izgar in the products suitable for use in zinc plating bathtubs, the dezincing modes from a wastage and their use in the industry are given. It is concluded that hot-dip galvanizing waste is a serious resource in reducing the consumption of primary zinc, and the use does not entail a deterioration in the quality of hot-dip zinc coating. However, not all technologies and types of equipment for processing zinc-containing waste are equally effective. It is the most appropriate to use the culled machines closed for processing of ishari (solki) and furnace with a “roof” heated for processing of hard zinc, in the latter case – on the technology of the fractional loading of the reagent of aluminium new scrap – processing pop-up aluminum-iron intermetallic compounds by karnalit-cryolite flux.