The series of measures for improvement of safety in oil and gas facilities producing, processing and transporting materials containing hydrogen sulfide Part 1. Corrosion-mechanical attack of hydrogen sulfide-containing media on steel equipment. The choice of construction steels and noncorrosive alloys for the oil and gas equipment

Issue 26(2) 2021
Pages 32-53

L.S. Moiseeva, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Moscow, Russian Federation
A.P. Makarov, Central Research Institute of Corrosion and Certification, Moscow, Russian Federation

Keywords: hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen cracking, carbon steel, embrittlement, inhibitors, coatings

doi: 10.31615/j.corros. prot.2021.100.2-3


The necessity of the complex approach is defined for increase of reliability of the oil and gas equipment operated under pressure of hydrogen sulfide-containing medium, including:
- control at the stages of design, manufacturing, commissioning, operation, repair and reconstruction;
- organization of corrosion service;
- rational choice of materials for equipment manufacturing and its repair;
- use of different methods to protect equipment against corrosion:
- diagnostics of equipment and evaluation of corrosion protection efficiency;
- conducting corrosion tests of materials and corrosion control.
The trend of increasing corrosive activity of the products of a number of hydrogen sulfide-bearing oil and gas fields is described. This is associated with their watering and contamination by sulfate-reducing bacteria. All types of corrosion-mechanical damage of steels in accordance with GOST R 53679-2009 (ISO 15156-1:2001) are considered. Comments are given on each of these types of damage and the types of steels that are prone to these defects are shown. The recommendations of GOST R 53679-2009 (ISO 15156-1:2001) are given for the selection of steel equipment operated under pressure of hydrogen sulfide-containing media depending on the type of their corrosionmechanical failure, with comments. Requirements for the use of steels modified with rare-earth metals (REM) and alkaline-earth elements (ALE) intended for operation in hydrogen sulfide-containing media are given.