About the Journal

The scientific journal “Theory and Practice of Corrosion Protection” (ISSN (print) 1998-5738, ISSN (on-line) 2658-6797) has being issued once every three months since 1996. This journal was and remains properly speaking the only Russian journal devoted to the theory and the practice of protection against corrosion of metallic and nonmetallic materials, engines, equipment and pipelines of fuel and energy complex, municipal housing economy, the different buildings in industry. The articles on energy saving and ecological problems of anticorrosive protection are also published in the journal.

 The leading scientists – specialists on corrosion of Russia and a number of other countries worked and are now working in the editorial staff. The contributions are reviewed by specialists of corresponding regions in anticorrosive protection. The journal has a kind of its author's and reader’s active, namely, article’s authors and  subscribers who collaborate with “Theory and Practice of Corrosion Protection” for many years. The inverse link with readers has been put right by editorial staff. It is practiced the publication of articles which are ordered to qualified specialists on problems arousing particular reader’s interest.

 The analysis of results of recruitment campaigns shows approximately the following structure of subscribers: 

● higher education establishments, 20%;

● scientific and research,  scientific and technological and  engineering-design organizations, 47%;

● manufacturing and scientific-production organizations and  enterprises, 31%;

● individual subscribers, 2%.

The journal “Theory and Practice of Corrosion Protection” has been registered by Committee of Russian Federation on press, it was included in Union catalogue “Press of Russia” and Catalogue “Publications of departments of NTI  Agency “Rospechat’”.